Werner Touring Kayak Sizing Guide - Important Things to Consider to Find the Right Fitting Paddle

What Paddling Style Do You Have?

High Angle Style

High Angle paddling is typically a more aggressive style of paddling using a faster cadence and wider variety of strokes. It is very dynamic and commonly used for fitness paddling, playing in current, or in rugged conditions where power is needed.

Werner Paddles

Low Angle Style

Low Angle is the most common paddling style. It is a relaxed touring style with a more relaxed cadence. Low Angle paddling is less fatiguing on paddle days when long distances or multi day trips are planned.

What Blade Size Fits You Best?

Full Size Blades are appropriate for larger well conditioned paddlers. Full size models include the Ikelos, Corryvrecken.

Mid Size Blades are most popular for the widest range of kayakers. Mid size models include the Kalliste, Camano, Cypress, Shuna, and Sport.

Smaller blades reduce strain on joints and are appropriate for smaller paddlers. Smaller blade models include the Athena, Little Dipper, Cascadia, and Skagit.

Werner Paddles

Werner Paddles

Werner Paddles

Shaft Size Does Matter!
Small or Standard Diameter?
The proper fit is key to allowing a paddler
to use a light grip to increase comfort and
reduce fatigue.

Werner Paddles

Werner Paddles
A good fit will increase your comfort, enhance your performance, and add to your paddling enjoyment — no matter what your skill level! To determine what size is right for you, feel both, or refer to our hand sizing chart for guidance.

    Shaft Type?
Straight or Neutral Bent Shaft? There are benefits
to both so your preference may depend on which
benefits are most important to you.

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Straight Shaft
Paddlers are more familiar with straight shafts and like the light weight and ability to move their hands along a predictable, straight, and continuous grip area. Straight shafts are typically less expensive.
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Neutral Bent Shaft
Our Neutral Bent Shaft naturally aligns your wrist to reduce stress on joints. The neutral alignment, unique to Werner Paddles, creates a stable leverage point for bracing and all types of paddle strokes. Special indexing allows more hand contact with the shaft, reducing fatigue and increasing comfort.

Material Choices
Werner Paddles uses high quality materials and superior construction methods to create the best light weight to strength ratio in each of our product lines. We carefully distribute weight to produce well balanced paddles with a light swing weight. Swing weight is the weight you feel each time you lift your blade during a stroke. It is not the published weight, so pick up several paddles from different manufacturers, imitate a few paddle strokes, and compare the swing weights. The lighter swing weight will always be greatly appreciated for reducing fatigue.
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Performance Touring Line
Carbon Weave material offers the lightest weight to strength ratio.

Premium Touring Line Fiberglass
Weave material offers the best combination of light weight, durability and beauty.

Recreational Touring
Blade construction of carbon or fiberglass reinforced nylon creates and excellent combination of performance and
great value.

Find the best fit by locating your height and boat width on the chart below.

High Angle Paddling

Low Angle Paddling
Werner Paddles
If you didn’t find yourself on the chart simply locate the closest combination of paddler height and boat width listed. Use this recommended paddle length as a starting point to make adjustments from. Narrower boat or shorter paddlers should subtract 5 cm for High Angle and 10cm for Low Angle or add length for wider boats like tandems. Congratulations on choosing a great fitting paddle! Get out and enjoy it.
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