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H2 Glue Instructions


  • Minicell
  • Ethafoam
  • Kayak Outfitting


  • H2 Glue
  • Denatured Alcohol
  • Sandpaper

Recommended safety precautions

  • Work in a well ventilated area (garage or shady area works well)
  • Use a respirator and chemical resistant gloves (i.e. Nitrile gloves)


  1. Rough up the plastic surface with sandpaper.
  2. Clean surface with denatured alcohol.


  1. Apply a uniform, but thin coat to both surfaces with the attached brush (Porous surfaces such as minicell may require two or more extra coats).
  2. Allow sufficient time for the solvents to dissipate and the surfaces to feel tacky.
  3. Apply pressure to ensure good contact between the two items.
  4. Press surfaces together, applying pressure to ensure good contact of the adhesive films.
  5. Allow 2-4 hours drying time.

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