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Fireside Outdoor Replacement Mesh

Fireside Outdoor  |  Item: 70992.01
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Product Details

While lightweight and durable, the Fire Mesh on your Fireside Pop-Up Fire Pit does have a limited lifespan. Once heat and weight have stretched your mesh to the point of no return, start fresh with the Fireside Outdoor Replacement Mesh.
  • Replacement mesh for your Pop-Up Fire Pit (Item #: 70990.01.100).
  • Tight woven design, constructed out of fire-rated stainless steel alloy.
  • Keeps ash contained to your pit while still allowing the optimal airflow to create the perfect blaze.
  • New Fire Meshes come with a renewed Fireside Guarantee, meaning you're covered for another 50 fires or one year.


Product Tips

We recommend only burning wood in the Pop-Up Pit. Lighter fluid, pine cones dipped in chemicals, and certain 'trash' burn at a hotter temperature than a wood fire and you risk melting the mesh. But the increased air flow through the bottom of the mesh eliminates the need for any fire starters to get it going.

Material: Fire-rated stainless steel alloy
Dimensions: 24" x 24"
Weight: 1.5 lbs