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How to Assemble an NRS Fishing Raft Frame

VideoSeptember 21, 2018

The NRS Fishing Frame turns any raft into a drift boat. It includes more parts and pieces than most rowing frames, including thigh hooks and casting platforms. However, the Fishing Frame is easy to put together if you follow the step-by-step process outlined in this video.

The NRS Fishing Frame is one of our more elaborate frames. But like all our frames they’re assembled piece-by-piece and all those pieces can be moved and adjusted to fit you and the gear and people you want to carry.

Most of the pieces, like side rails, cross bars, foot bar and oar mounts are common to all the frames. What makes the Fishing Frame unique are the specialized accessories you can add to support your fishing habit! You can even add most of these accessories to an existing multiday frame.

The raised Angler Seat Bar puts the fisherman up a bit higher for better visibility and ease of casting. Our Padded Swivel Seat provides comfortable seating and great mobility.

You can add Casting Platforms for solid footing while standing. In the video we show Thigh Hooks for supporting the standing angler, but three other types of thighbars are also available.

It’s easy to place another fishing position on the back of the raft by adding the Stern Seat Mount. It cinches to the rear cross bar on the center frame.

And you’re probably going to want to add our Anchor System so you stop to fish a riffle or change gear. The anchor mast attaches right to the seat bar of the Stern Seat Mount.

The patented NRS LoPro Frame Fitting is the key to the adjustability and adaptability of the NRS frame system. It cinches to our 1 5/8" diameter frame pipe with a stainless steel U-bolt. Loosen the bolt and move the part where needed or remove the part altogether. With NRS frames, you’re in control!