How to Fix a Pressure Relief Valve in a Raft or IK

VideoNovember 29, 2011

The pressure relief (PR) valve in the floor of your self-bailing raft or inflatable kayak (IK) protects the floor from over-inflation and sudden pressure spikes caused by impact with underwater obstacles. However, its location makes it prone to leaks caused by sand and debris that work their way into the valve seat. Josh from NRS Repairs shows you how to fix leaks in a Leafield A6 Pressure Relief Valve. The A6 opens when internal pressure exceeds 2.5 pounds per square inch (psi).

The valve comes with the A6 Pressure Relief valve screen. This fine-mesh screen blocks larger particles, but fine materials get through and get caught in the valve’s sealing surfaces. The easiest fix is, with the floor deflated and the valve screen removed, to spray 303 Aerospace Protectant into the valve opening. Then, reach up under the floor and press on the valve bottom. The spring will compress, opening the valve and letting the 303 drain through, hopefully taking the debris with it. You can repeat this procedure; 303 inside the floor causes no problems.

If you still have a leak, you’ll need to remove the outer portion of the valve. First, inflate the floor, then use the valve wrench to loosen the valve. Remove the outer portion, being careful not to lose track of the inner piece. Flushing water through the valve should wash away any sand and grit. Now’s a good time to rejuvenate the valve’s rubber sealing surface. Spray 303 in the top and let it set for 5–10 minutes. Then spray 303 in the bottom of the valve and let that sit a similar time. Reinstall the valve hand tight, inflate the floor and finish tightening with the valve wrench.

If you still have a leak, you’ll need to replace the valve. Just screw the new outer portion into the inner valve portion.