How to Deflate & Fold a SUP board

VideoAugust 21, 2013

Inflatable SUP boards are fun to paddle, easy to store and simple to transport. However, it’s important to know how to properly fold your SUP board so that the fin plates aren't damaged from bending. In this Quick Tips video, we show you the best way to fold your board for transport and storage.

We use top-quality Leafield valves in our SUP boards, as well as in most of our other inflatables. They’ve been proven to be the most rugged and reliable valves on the market. Your NRS board may have either a C7 or D7 Leafield valve. They work very similarly, and both accept the Leafield C7 & D7 Valve Adapter, that screws into the face of the valve. It’s a great adapter; it locks the pump into the valve and contains the higher pressure that inflatable SUP boards need.

To fold your board, release the pressure by pressing in on the center valve stem and twisting it counterclockwise to lock it open. Fold the nose over approximately 18”, then continue to fold until you reach the end.

What’s very important here is to keep the area flat where the fin attachment plates are located. If the attachment plates are bent, broken or distorted the fins won’t slide in, and your board won’t track well without them. Replacing those attachment plates is a hassle and an expense you don’t want to incur.

How you fold the board and how you store it may have to be adjusted to end up with the plates flat. It’s a bit individual with each board, because of the board’s length. You’ll learn the best way after a time or two.

The carry bag that came with your board is a great place to store it. It’s also a place where the fin attachment plates can get bent if you’re not careful.