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How to Install SUP Fins

VideoSeptember 19, 2013

Removable, interchangeable fins add versatility and convenience to your NRS inflatable SUP board. You can select your fin setup to suit whatever kind of paddling you want to do, from ocean surfing to fitness touring to river running. Installing the fins on your stand up paddleboard is quick and easy. Just follow these simple instructions.

Slide the fin into the fin plate with the curved edge facing forward. Slide it all the way in, tapping it with your hand if necessary. Then slide in the tethered locking tab to securely pin the fin in place while you’re paddling. When removing the fin, take out the locking tab and tap the fin out with your hand. A buildup of grit, debris or salt crystals can make it harder to insert and remove the fins; wash out the fin plate and fin base with fresh water after each paddling session.

Be sure to remove the fins before folding the board for transport or storage. Additionally, when folding the board, keep the fin plates flat in the fold. Bending the fin plates can make it difficult, even impossible, to insert the fins.

Fin design and length make a big difference in how your board performs. A fun exercise is to go out for a paddle without any fins on your board. It will quickly become apparent how important fins are for tracking; it will be difficult to keep the board going in a straight line.

Smaller, shallow fins are designed to give you some help with tracking, while also letting you be more maneuverability. They’re also best for shallow water where a longer fin will catch the bottom and rocks. Longer fins, with more surface area, will improve tracking, while providing more resistance to turns and are best for open water paddling.

We carry a variety of fin lengths and shapes to help you dial in how your board works on the water. Experiment with different fins to find the best combination for your activity and paddling style.