How to Organize Straps

VideoOctober 16, 2013

As you accumulate a bunch of NRS straps (which you will), keeping them organized will save you a lot of frustration. This video shows one method, putting each of the different lengths on a separate strap.

Just take one strap and slide the cam buckles of all your straps of the same length onto its webbing. Probably a three-foot strap will hold all the straps of one length; if not, use a four-footer. Or, you can put all your three-foot straps on a three, your fours on a four, etc.

This is just one way to organize straps; there are certainly others. Some folks like to slide their straps onto the webbing of the holding strap through the gap behind the thumb release on the cam buckle, rather than cinching them on the webbing as shown in the video. When all the straps are threaded on this way you just pass the webbing of the holding strap through its cam buckle to create a ring-of-straps. This is a quicker method of loading the straps on; however, the drawback is that if you let go of it when the tail is out of the buckle, all your straps fall out on the ground!

You may find that organizing your straps this way isn’t your jam, especially for longer straps. You can roll your straps; check out the video link here on the page on how to compactly and securely roll them.

Organizing your straps is one giant leap in boater logistics; keeping track of them is another big step. When you’re boating with others, your straps can get mixed up with someone else’s unless you mark them. By all means put your name, nickname, etc on the label stitched into the strap. For quick identification some folks spray-paint their buckles; just pick a color that one of your buddies doesn’t also use!