How to Roll a Strap for Storage

VideoAugust 12, 2013

Tired of that tangled web of NRS straps in your gear bag or garage? Don’t worry, there’s a better way. In this Quick Tips video, we show you how to roll your straps for tidy storage. It’s simple and easy to do and will make it easier to find the right strap when you need it.

Keeping the webbing from twisting, start out by threading the strap tail-end through the space where the strap attaches to the buckle. You’ll want to pull about five to fifteen inches of strap through. That length depends on the length of the strap, the longer the strap, the longer the tail. Then, simply roll the strap tightly, wrap the tail around the roll and cinch it in the buckle.

Here at NRS we use our straps for dozens of different things. Out in the warehouse there’s a rack of boxes, each holding a certain length of rolled straps.

There are other organization methods. Take a look at the linked video, “How to Organize Straps.” There we demonstrate threading all your straps of one length on a separate strap. This works great, especially for the shorter straps, say up to six-feet in length. Some of us use that method for the shorter ones, then roll the longer ones.

Whatever organization system you choose, it’s going to be better than that tangled nest of webbing that has you cussing every time you reach for a strap!

And more than likely you’ll be boating with other folks who are using NRS straps; so, to keep yours from “walking away,” come up with a method for marking yours. For sure write your name on the ID tag affixed to the strap. You can also write directly on the webbing with a permanent marker. And some folks go so far as to spray paint their buckles with a distinctive color.