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How To Set Up and Fold Your STAR Paragon or Pike IK

VideoFebruary 24, 2021

Featuring keel inserts in the bow and stern and a removable skeg, the STAR Paragon Inflatable Kayak handles and tracks like a hard-shell with the stow-ability we’ve grown to love in inflatables. But there’s a little more to setting it up than simply pumping it up. And those keel inserts also make things a little more complicated when it’s time to deflate, roll-up and pack your Paragon.

For anglers, these instructions will also be helpful when setting up the STAR Pike Fishing Inflatable Kayak.

How To Set Up Your STAR Paragon or Pike Inflatable Kayak

In the Paragon or Pike, beautiful days on the water are within your reach. But first, you need to set it up! In this video, we take you from inflation to ready-to-paddle.

  1. To start, find a flat clean surface and lay out your inflatable kayak.
  2. To ready the valves for inflation, press down on the stem in the center of the valve and turn it to the right (clockwise). The stem will pop up and you’ll know the valve is closed and ready for inflation. (Failing to do so will result in loss of pressure when you unscrew the pump.)
  3. Thread the hose from your pump into the valve and begin inflating the chambers. For best performance, inflate both side tubes to 2.5 psi and the drop-stitch floor insert to 8 psi. Finally, tighten the straps holding the floor in place.
  4. Install the seat. Undo the hook-and-loop attachments beneath the seat and thread them through the straps on the drop stitch floor toward the valve in the rear. Fold and press the seat down to fully secure the hook-and-loop straps.
  5. Loosen the straps on the sides of the seat. Making sure there are no twists in the straps, thread the single strap through the d-ring behind the seat. The double strap clips into the d-ring in front of the seat. Adjust the straps to make the seat most comfortable for your body and paddling style.
  6. Sit in the kayak and adjust the footpegs to your preferred length. You want a bit of bend in your legs so you can stabilize yourself in the IK.
  7. Finally, install the removeable skeg for additional tracking efficiency.

How To Deflate and Fold Your Paragon or Pike Inflatable Kayak

After a relaxing day on the water, it’s time to deflate and fold your Paragon or Pike for storage and transport. Starting with removing any accessories, this video teaches you the trick to properly fold your Paragon or Pike to accommodate those keel inserts.

  1. Remove the skeg from the bottom of the kayak, find a flat clean surface, and lay the inflatable kayak down.
  2. Loosen the four straps supporting the seat, unclip them from their D-rings, and tuck the straps into their pockets on the seat back. Undo the hook-and-loop attachments beneath the seat, slide the seat out toward the front of the kayak, and set the seat aside.
  3. Deflate all the air chambers by pushing in the stem in the middle of the valve and turning it to the left (counterclockwise). This will keep the air chambers open for deflation.
  4. Fold the side tubes in half lengthwise. Take the keel on the bow and the stern and fold them perpendicular to the kayak so they point in opposite directions.
  5. Fold the stern until the fin plate is lying flat, pointing toward the sky. Then move to the bow and continue to fold until the final fold mates on top of the fin plate. Be careful not to bend the fin plate.
  6. Place the inflatable in the carry bag, and strap it in. Don’t forget the seat and the skeg! Now it’s stored away and ready for your next adventure.