Latex Gasket Sizing Chart

ArticleLast Updated: April 12, 2023

This table displays the specific measurements of NRS’s range of latex gaskets.

NRS Latex Gasket Measurements
Gasket Size Neck Gasket Circumference Wrist Gasket Circumference Dry Sock (Men’s U.S. Sizing)
S 11.75"–12.5" 6" 5–7
M 12.5"–15" 6"–7" 7–9
L 15"–18" 6.5"–8" 10–13
XL 18"+ n/a n/a

Please note: NRS Latex Standard Ankle Gaskets are one size fits all.

This table displays which gasket NRS uses on your dry wear for your specific size.

Garment Size Neck Gasket Wrist Gasket Sock
Women’s XS S S S
Women’s S S S S
Women’s M M S M
Women’s L M M M
Women’s XL L L M
Men’s S S S M
Men’s M M M L
Men’s L M M L
Men’s XL L L L
Men’s XXL XL L L
Men’s G–M L M M
Men’s G–L L L L