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Leafield B7 and A7 Valve Repair

VideoAugust 21, 2013

Leafield B7 and A7 valves are found in many inflatable rafts, catarafts and kayaks. Repairing these valves is simple, but specific techniques need to be used. In this Quick Tips instructional video, the NRS experts show you how to repair these valves quickly and easily.

What makes repairing the B7 and A7 valves different from the Leafield C7 and D7 valves is that the working parts are in the inner portion of the valve. So, it’s a bit of “building the ship in the bottle.” However, following these steps will make the job go smoothly.

Start by using your valve wrench to remove the valve outer portion. It’s usually easier to start this with the chamber inflated. Then lock the valve in the open position by pressing down on the plunger and turning it counterclockwise. Now place a piece of tape over the valve opening. This will prevent the valve plunger stem and spring from falling into the chamber when you remove the valve’s rubber seal.

Rotate the inner portion so that the rubber seal is visible through the hole. Use needle-nose pliers to reach under the seal and break the plunger stem. Be careful not to damage the sealing surface on the valve.

Turn the valve back over, remove the tape, turn the plunger stem clockwise and remove it and the spring. Insert the new plunger stem and spring and lock it open by pushing in and turning it counterclockwise. Now place another piece of tape over the valve opening.

Once again rotate the valve. Screw the new rubber seal onto the stem, taking care not to cross-thread it. Rotate it back, remove the tape and screw on the outer valve portion, hand tight. Replace the valve cap gasket that comes in the repair kit.

Re-inflate the chamber and finish tightening the valve with the valve wrench. The job is complete!