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NRS Hot-Forged LoPros and Oar Mounts

ArticleFebruary 06, 2014

NRS’s history is a story of continuous innovation; we’re not content with the status quo. Even classic products like the Bill’s Bag and 1" HD Tie-Down Straps have kept evolving, getting better and better.

NRS Sport Cat Frame
NRS Sport Cat Frame with new LoPros and Oar Mounts.

The NRS Frame System is simply the most adjustable and adaptable system on the market; and we think it’s the best. When technology came along that would allow us to improve it, we jumped at the chance.

In the early 90s, we began casting LoPro Frame Fittings and Oar Mounts in a 356 aluminum alloy. The LoPro is the heart of the frame system, allowing frame pieces to be added, adjusted and removed to fit your exact needs.

The new technology is hot forging. A billet of 6061 aluminum alloy is heated to a precise temperature, forged at high pressure into the finished product, and then heat tempered. This manufacturing process aligns the metal’s grain structure, making the part much stronger than a cast one. This increased strength allows us to remove metal and slim the pieces down, for an approximate 25% weight savings.

The history of NRS frame fittings
A) Pre 1989 frame fitting, B) 1989-1990 prototype LoPro Fitting, C) 1990-1999 "Fatty" cast LoPro Fitting, D) 1999-2014 current cast LoPro Fitting, E) 2014 New hot-forged LoPro Fitting

Also, molded ridges in the curved surfaces that contact the 1 5/8" OD frame pipe increase holding power. A tough nylon bushing in the Oar Mount allows oarlocks to rotate virtually friction free.

Stronger, lighter, sharper looking, at no increase in price. Now that’s innovation worth bragging about.