Quick Guide: Urethane and PVC Boat Adhesives

ArticleMarch 02, 2012

This quick guide will help you choose the best glue for urethane and PVC boats, be it Clifton Urethane Adhesive, Stabond Adhesive, or Aquaseal Flexible Repair Adhesive.

Clifton Urethane Adhesive

Excellent one-part adhesive for urethane- and PVC-coated boat materials.

  • “Chemical” adhesion; works by softening the coating on the boat and patch materials, effectively creating a mixture of the two coatings for a great bond.
  • Thin consistency, brushes on easily.
  • Recommend methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) or acetone as a solvent/cleaner.
  • Can be mixed with Clifton Hypalon Accelerator. Addition of the Accelerator doesn’t improve the bond strength, but it does make it more chemical and heat resistant. If the bond will be subjected to temperatures greater than 140°F, use of the Accelerator is recommended.
  • When kept tightly sealed between uses, this adhesive has a long shelf life.
  • Detailed repair instructions

Stabond Adhesive

Works on rubber materials as well as urethane and PVC.

  • Two-part adhesive.
  • Mix all of accelerator with glue, or mix proportionally for smaller amounts. For those smaller amounts, add one part accelerator to ten parts adhesive.
  • It’s not necessary to mix in the Accelerator when gluing urethane and PVC materials. However, you get better chemical and heat resistance, and 10-20% better bond strength, when using it.
  • Stabond is a good choice when gluing dissimilar materials together, such as Hypalon to PVC.
  • Detailed repair instructions

Aquaseal Flexible Repair Adhesive

  • Bonds to Hypalon, neoprene, latex, nylon, vinyl (PVC), Gore-Tex® and other tri-laminates, plus many fabrics, foams, composites and plastics.
  • Very resistant to abrasion.
  • Can be used to cover places where boat material coatings have been removed by abrasion, sometimes called a “scrim shot”.
  • Mixing Cure Accelerator and Cleaner with Aquaseal® greatly speeds up cure time. It is also an excellent cleaner for prepping the repair surface and for removing excess Aquaseal.