NRS Frame Raft Motor Mount

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Attach an outboard motor to the NRS Raft Motor Mount and your raft is ready for fishing or moving you through those long, flat stretches.
  • We use our heavy-duty 1-5/8" OD 6061-T6 aluminum pipe to make the framework for the Motor Mount.
  • The 18" wide transom plate is a piece of 2" x 8" wood/plastic composite decking material that will not rot or deteriorate when exposed to water and sun.
  • We back the transom plate with two pieces of aluminum channel to increase the grip on the L-shaped pipe sections. Four 4 1/4" motor mount U-bolts hold the transom plate firmly in place.
  • If you already have an NRS Stern Seat Mount, you can install your Motor Mount on the Seat Bar.
  • If you do not have a Stern Seat Mount you will need a pair of NRS Stern Side Rails (item #90022.02, sold separately) to link the Motor Mount to the rear Crossbar of your frame. We stock three sizes: 32", 36" and 39". Measure the distance from the center of the rear crossbar to the center of the raft's rear tube. If you need a length other than those stock lengths, we will custom bend the size you need.
  • In our experience, a 10-hp motor is generally as large a motor as most boaters use. Even a 3-hp motor will move a raft along at a pretty good clip. Operating a raft at high speeds can be unsafe, and with a self-bailing raft will definitely result in water jetting up through the drain holes!
  • Always attach a safety rope or strap from your motor to the frame.


Product Tips

  • The Raft Motor Mount needs the Motor Mount Stern Side Rails, item #90022.02, and a piece of Frame Pipe, Item # 91002.01, (or a Stern Seat Mount item #92017.03) to attach to your main frame. These are sold separately.

Material: 1 5/8" 6063-T6 Anodized Aluminum Frame Pipe
Included Components:
  • 2 - NRS Frame Pipes with LoPro Fittings
  • 6 - U-bolts with nuts and washers
  • 2x8 wood/plastic composite decking transom plate, 18" wide
  • 24" piece of frame pipe, with tho frame plugs
Raft Motor Mount
13 7/8" 10 1/2" 17" 17 7/8" 7 1/2" 24"

Support arms are bent in toward boat at a 7 degree angle from the vertical.