NRS Raft Stern Frame Anchor System

Item: 93081.02
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    Anchor Mount System on Raft Frame. *Frame not included.

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    Long Mast System

  • Alternate product image 94909_01_na_na_MastMounted_031120

    Long Anchor Mast

  • Alternate product image 93081_02_na_Both_Side_032520

    Anchor Masts (31" or 15")

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    Anchor Control System with Rope Jam Cleat

  • Alternate product image 93081_02_Pulley_040314

    Intermediate Pulley for Forged LoPro

  • Alternate product image 93081_01_1236_pulley_062211

    Intermediate Pulley for Cast LoPro

  • Alternate product image 93081_02_na_Pair_Top_100118

    Cast and Forged LoPros with their corresponding Pulley.


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Product Details

The NRS Stern Anchor puts the cherry on top of your raft fishing package. Smooth, durable system works with the Stern Seat Mount and makes it easy to drop and retrieve your anchor. It's mounted to the right and in front of the rower for ease of operation.
  • Important Note when ordering: In 2014 we changed the design of the LoPro Frame Fitting. Which Anchor System you need depends on whether you have the older "Cast" or newer "Forged" LoPro design.
  • The older cast aluminum LoPro Frame Fittings have "NRS" molded into the top of the LoPro. The newer hot-forged aluminum LoPros, have "NRS Forged" stamped into the top. Please note which LoPro type your frame has, the Intermediate Pulley portion of the Anchor System is custom to either Forged or Cast LoPros.
  • The Anchor Control System with the Rope Jamb Cleat is conveniently located near the rower for easy anchoring.
  • Note: The Intermediate Pulley for Forged LoPros must be attached to a forged LoPro. If you U-bolt it to frame pipe you will break it.
  • The 15" Anchor Mast attaches to the end of the Stern Seat Bar. If you don't have a stern seat, you can install Stern Side Rails, Item # 90022.02, and a short piece of frame pipe for attaching the mast.
  • The 31" Long Mast with Forged LoPro Anchor System is a great addition to the Dodger Stern Seat Mount, Item #94909.01. The extra length extends the anchor well past the stern of your Otter Fishing Dodger XL Raft. Includes the Anchor Control System and Intermediate Pulley for Forged LoPro. If your frame has the earlier cast aluminum LoPro Fittings, check with us for a custom option.
  • The anchor and anchor rope are not included.
  • We recommend 3/8" polypropylene rope, Item # 45012.01.


Included Components:
  • 1 - Anchor Control System with Rope Jam Cleat
  • 1 - Intermediate Pulley
  • 1 - Anchor Mast
  • 1 - U-bolt with nuts and washers
  • 1 - 2.5" bolt with nuts and washers
  • System assembly instructions