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Life Jackets, helmets and other essential personal gear are more likely to be worn if they fit your body as well as your style. Shop our collection and increase your comfort and safety for any human-powered adventure on the water.

Image for NRS Ninja PFD - Closeout
  • Swatch 40013_04_Flare_na_Front_102721
  • Swatch 40013_04_Red_na_Front_053019
  • Swatch 40013_04_Lime_na_Front_060319
  • Swatch 40013_04_Pink_na_Front_102020
  • Swatch 40013_04_AllBlack_na_Front_042922
  • Swatch 40013_04_Blue_na_Front_033122

NRS Ninja PFD - Closeout

On Sale: $74.95 $147.95
Available Sizes: S/M, L/XL, XXL
Image for NRS Odyssey PFD - Closeout

NRS Odyssey PFD - Closeout

On Sale: $79.95 $157.95
Available Sizes: XS/M, XL/XXL
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