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Used Catarafts

Used Catarafts Currently In Stock:

NRS has carried quality cataraft tubes for many years. The tubes shown above could have been customer returns or been used as demos with our commercial accounts. We give you a full description of the tubes, list any specific condition issues you should be aware of, and let you know the warranty period.

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NEW Catarafts:

How to Evaluate Used Cataraft Tubes from a Third Party:

Did a used cataraft from a third-party seller catch your eye? Here are some of the things to keep in mind before finalizing the purchase.

  • Cataraft tubes may come with a Hull Identification Number, or a simpler serial number. With either one, the last two numbers give you the year of manufacture.
  • If the owner doesn’t know the tubes’ history, and they are NRS tubes, you can check with us to see if they are in our database.
  • First, look at the tube material. You want it to be smooth and supple. Cracks and badly faded areas can be a sign of poor maintenance or sun damage.
  • Cataraft frames come in contact with the material in multiple places. Check for any wear spots.
  • Make sure they hold air. If you can, go over the tubes with soapy water in a spray bottle to find any leaks.
  • The tubes should have two or more air chambers. Check to see that each chamber holds air. A blown baffle between chambers is very difficult to fix.
  • D-rings are vital for securing the tubes to the frame. Make sure they’re all in good condition. Also look at handles and make sure the seam tape is intact.
  • If there are repair patches, check to see if they’re securely glued down. We can help you if they need work.
  • Inflation valves are a common source of leaks; be sure to check them out. We carry high-quality, common valves. There are many different valves out there, and it can be difficult to find repair parts and valve adapters for the more obscure ones.
  • You can always contact us with questions about a used purchase. We’ll help you if we can.
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