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NRS has been making quality inflatable kayaks for over 40 years. The used inflatable kayaks listed above may be from our demo fleet or a rare customer return. Any used inflatable kayak listed here will have a full description and specifics about condition. We’ll also include photos of any patches, modifications, as well as a specified warranty period.

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How to Evaluate a Used Inflatable Kayak (IK) from a Third Party:

As with any used purchase, you’ve got to be careful in figuring out if it’s a good deal. Here are our suggestions on things to look for, and do, when shopping for a used IK.

  • Who is the boat manufacturer? Hopefully the boat has a Hull Identification Number. In addition to IDing the maker, this will also tell you when it was built.
  • If the seller is the original owner, they should be able to describe how and where it’s been used. If they’re not, and the IK is an NRS boat, with the HIN we may be able be able to identify the original owner.
  • Because of their size and portability IKs tend to get used a lot. Check over the tube material; boats with cracks, peeling and badly faded areas probably have sun damage, and should be avoided. You want the coating to be smooth and supple.
  • It’s wise to bring along a spray bottle containing a soap/water mixture. With the owner’s permission, spray down the entire boat looking for leaks. Be sure to wipe the boat down afterwards!
  • Look for any damage and see how it’s been repaired. A few patches shouldn’t be a problem, if they’ve been well applied. Patches should have rounded corners with no peeling edges.
  • Accessories like thigh straps and foot rests are very valuable in whitewater boats for giving you better control. For flatwater boat, fins or skegs really help with tracking.
  • Check items like D-rings, handles and seam tape for condition. Having to repair these items can be time consuming and expensive.
  • Inflation valves are vital and there are many different models in the marketplace. We carry valves found on higher-quality boats. Finding repair parts and valve adapters for more obscure valves can be difficult.
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