NRS Staff Gift Picks

“I play as hard as I work. Zooom!”

NRS Bill's Bag Dry Bag

Pam, Customer Service Cat Herder

Essential piece of river gear; great for international travel. Used mine for two years in the Peace Corps. It kept my stuff protected from the sheep and goats that were also strapped to the roof of Lesotho buses. I knew my precious two-ply toilet paper, peanut butter and cheese would be protected in this durable, sheep-urine-proof bag during the 10+ hour bus ride from the capital to my village in the mountains.

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“A river-loving mountain junkie who never wants to leave her best friend behind.”

NRS CFD Dog Life Jacket

Kristine, Customer Service Laughing Girl

“But Mom, the color is totally clashing with my groove; all the other dogs keep making ‘What’s black and white and red all over?’ jokes…”

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“My two favorite things: laughing and being outside.”

NRS Jenni Bag Reusable Tote

Jenni, Purchasing Queen, Dog Lover, River Rat

(To the tune of Jenny, Jenny 867-5309 by Tommy Tutone)

Jenni (bag), Jenni (bag) who can I turn to?
You give me somethin’ I can put my groceries into
I know you think I’m like the others before
Who saw your name and item number on

Jenni (bag), Jenni (bag) I got your number
I need to make you mine
I’ll take you to do all my shopping
Especially during Christmas ti-e-ime!

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“Show me something that floats and I’ll show you what true happiness looks like.”

ENO Hammocks

Jacob, Chief Photographer and Whacko Inventor Guy

The Single Nest and an NRS Ultralight Wing are my go-to backpacking combo. It shaves pounds by cutting out a tent and sleeping pad, while camping in style. A Double Nest fits my Paco Pad perfectly for the ultimate in relaxing river rest.

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“Addicted to swinging flies for steelhead. The tug is the drug!”


Jim, Head PooBaa of the Mountain West Territory

Don’t head to the river without this product. Perfect for anything you can imagine – breakfast, lunch and dinner. And just the right height for that late night river-side fly tying session! A great gift for any river lover.

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“I might not be able to sell ice to Antarctica, but I’ll give it a shot.”

Navisafe Navi Light 360°

Steve, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer of the Northeast Territory

With the magnetic base plates, you can attach it to the top of your hat. Bam! Now you have a light on the highest point of your boat. Be seen, be safe.

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“Want to make me happy – give me Sour Patch Kids and put me on the water.”

NRS Ninja Life Jacket

Jim, Shipping and BSing Expert

I become such a ninja when I wear the Ninja that I can beat up Chuck Norris!

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“I’m an on-the-water bon vivant, and if you don’t know what that means, then that’s just one less thing your boating buddies can make fun of you about.”

CGear Sand-Free Multimat

Mark, Media Magnate, Beer Commonsewer

I don’t always eat fine cheeses on the beach, but when I do, I eat them on the Sand-Free Multimat. Spread out this ingenious ground cloth before you open the cooler and you’ll avoid the crunchy sensation that so often spoils an otherwise perfect picnic.

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“Possibly coldblooded, but never coldhearted.”

I/O Bio Women’s Signature Hoody

Stacy, Web Content Coordinator Supreme (She keeps us from using “über” in web copy, dang it.)

It’s a good thing Merino wool doesn’t hold odors, because I live in this thing. In fact, I have two. I can be seen wearing one year-round. It’s my perfect layer!

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“Anyone got any chocolate?”

NRS Extreme Relief Dry Suit

J, Keeper of Behind-the-Scenes Black Magic, Digital and Otherwise

Money well spent; now my wife can't use “the cold” as an excuse to keep me from boating on an off-season Saturday. (Though she does find other reasons.) I may look a bit like a Power Ranger, but I'm always warm and comfy (unlike the boatloads of miserable fishermen I pass hunkered in frigid silence on the local rivers).

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“Let’s just shoot that again, three more times.”

NRS Mystery Sea Hood with Bill

Darren, The Man Behind the Video Camera

One of the most functional hats I own. Blocks sun and wind and bottles in the warmth. If it starts to warm up outside I just pull the earflaps up to vent off extra heat. Bottom line, anyone who owns a drysuit or wetsuit should have this hat.

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“I try to live out of my truck in the summers. That way I have everything I need all the time for boating and the fun that follows!”

Carlson 4" Hand Pump

Ian, Customer Service Ex-River Guide Guy

I am way too lazy to push all the air that a 6" pump requires. With the Carlson 4" I can pump with one hand, and hold my “soda” with the other!

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“Let’s do some winter rafting!”

K-Pump 200 Hand Pump

John, Customer Service Grizzly Returns Guy

Multi-purpose pump. Cold weather and damp wood make for a feeble fire in camp. Enter the K-Pump, aka “the fire bellows.” Now I can feel my fingers!

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“Kayak fishing is my Zen meditation.”

NRS Tailwater Tackle Bag

David, Head Wrangler of the Mid-Atlantic Territory

Just like many avid fishermen, I pack way too much on my fishing trips. The Tailwater Tackle Bag allows me to store and organize oodles of gear. If you’re a fisherman like me this bag will be a great addition to your fishing adventures.

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“When I’m not in class or at work, I’m on the water!”

NRS Women’s HydroSkin Capris

Natalie, Athletic Shipping Gal

When it’s too hot for pants and too cold for shorts, I always reach for my HydroSkin Capris. They keep me at a perfect temperature, plus they’re wicked comfortable!

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“I like to wear skinny jeans on Sunday.”

NRS Aquablaster Water Guns

Brock, Shipping and Trash-Talking Feller

In a time without supersoakers and squirt guns, there’s only one way to properly soak your friends, and that is the Aquablaster – getting people wet since 1992 (’course that’s when I was born).

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“Love to raft!”

NRS Co-Pilot Knife

Jay, Shipping and Break-A-Leg (literally) Softball Playing Guy

Great rafting multitool. Easy to grip when wet, and the blunt tip won’t poke a hole in your boat. And, it will open your favorite bottled beverage!

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“Love to be on the water and outside!”

NRS 30 Can Cooler

Niki, Service Shoe Queen, Salsa Maker and Crazy Coldblooded Lady

The 30 Can Cooler is my favorite product! It’s the perfect size to toss in an IK for a day trip or on the back of an ATV for long rides. It’s got a removable liner for easy cleaning and a huge front pocket for wallet, keys, etc. And if 30 cans aren’t enough, buy two!

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“I’m the only NRS employee to pick up his application for employment by boat (kayak)!”

Navisafe Navi Light Red/Green

Alex, Customer Service Star-Gazing Telescope Guy

A fantastic gift for a boater you want to keep safe! Deactivate the white portion and you retain your night vision. With the red and green showing, you look like a big boat and won’t just be a speed bump for some power boat. Add a Princeton Tec Eco Flare on the back of your life jacket and you’ll be seen from every direction.

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“I don’t get to boat as much as I used to. Now I’m more into sheep, goats, chickens, and rabbits.”

NRS Go! Duffel Bag

Todd, Cat Wrangler and Chief of Purchasing

Our most underappreciated bag! The Go! Bag is perfect for anyone on the… go. One bag for my boating gear, one for cycling, one for snowboarding. Just grab your bag and Go! Just make sure you grab the right Go! Bag.

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“Want to see me cry; tell me I can’t boat any longer.”

Clyde, Editor, NRS e-News, Old Goat Word Wrangler

Yup, I get two picks. Editor’s privilege and all that.

NRS 1" HD Tie-Down Straps

I’ve got 70 straps in my strap bag. Then there are the two holding the cover on the gas grill. Oh, and there’s that one on the roof temporarily holding that roof vent – crap, I gotta fix that before it snows!

AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker

I’ll happily drink mediocre beer, but I’m real picky about my coffee. The AeroPress makes the best tasting joe, period. And even at $15 a pound for the best fair-trade (always) primo beans, it’s still less than 40-cents a cup!

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And what’s the most popular NRS staff gift pick?
Drumroll please…

ENO Twilights LED Lights were chosen by no fewer than three highly reputable NRSers! (No doubt these handy little twinklers made the Top 10 list of many more. Seems like nearly all of us keep some in the ammo can.) Here’s who they are and what they have to say about their favorite gizmo to gift wrap.

But wait, there’s more! The Color ENO Twilights have just arrived. 23 bright LED lights that slowly change color – green, red, blue, to multicolored. Over 72 hours of burntime on a set of batteries. Trust me, they’re pretty magical. Happy holidays.


“I love dirtbags!”

ENO Twilights LED Lights

Karen, Maker of All Catalogs and Advertising Happen

Turn your campsite into a dreamy, sparkly wonderland! These lights run on batteries so you can decorate like a princess even when you’re out in the boonies. Nice mood lighting for you and that stinky kayaker in your tent.

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“I’ll boat when it’s warm, I’ll boat when it’s cold, I’ll boat when you gotta break ice to launch. Did I mention I like to boat?”

ENO Twilight LED Lights

Zach, Go-To Wholesale Supporter and Whose Mom Has Best Roll Recipe

I really like the ENO Lights. They pretty much live in my truck and make a fun, quality light source when I’m setting up camp in the dark, which is pretty standard. They’re great to set up in the tent for making the whole tent glow. I usually curl up in my sleeping bag and use them as a reading light before bed.

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“Remember: We don’t get stuck, we don’t get lost… we get surprise camping trips.”

ENO Twilights LED Lights

Josh, Man Mountain Product-Picker Guy

Whether camping or hostelling, I love these lights as a marker for my bed when I’m in too rough condition to locate it. Also, my niece absolutely loves them as a night light in her tent!

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