Frame Instructions: Raft Fishing Frame

Basic Fishing Frame Components:

  • (2) Side Rails
  • (1) Cross Bar
  • (1) Foot Bar
  • (1) Seat Bar
  • (1) Angler Seat Bar
  • (10) U-bolts
  • (20) Washers and Locking Nuts
  • (1) Frame Wrench
  • (1) Pair of Oar Mounts
  • (1) Low-Back Drain Hole Seat with bolts and washers
  • (1) Angler Swivel Fishing Seat with nuts, bolts and washers

    Note: Seats are packed separately
NRS Raft Fishing Frame - Closeout


  1. Lay out the frame parts as shown in the image above.

  2. Set all bars on the side rails and install the U-Bolts. Add the washers and nuts leaving them loose. Be sure that the side marked "Front" on the seat plate faces forward. If any of the bars need to be re-positioned, it may be necessary to remove the U-bolts to make adjustments.

  3. Add oar mounts and seats.

  4. Check to be sure that all of the U-bolts are tight. Periodically check the tightness of all nuts and bolts.

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