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Leafield Valves

NRS is proud to use top-quality Leafield valves in our rafts, catarafts, inflatable kayaks and SUP boards. As Leafield has updated their valves over the years, we’ve welcomed them to our fleet. Use the photos and notes below to identify your valve and corresponding parts/accessories.

B7 Leafield Valve

NRS boats between Jan. 1996 and Feb. 1999 have B7 valves.

Leafield B7 Raft Valve

C7 Leafield Valve

NRS boats after Feb. 1999 have C7 valves.

Leafield C7 Valve

D7 Leafield Valve

NRS SUP boards starting with 2017 models have D7 valves.

Leafield D7 Valve

B7 & A6 Valve Wrench

B7 Valve Wrench

C7, D7 & A6 Valve Wrench

C7 Valve Wrench

B7 & A7 Leafield Repair Kit

B7 Leafield Repair Kit

C7 Leafield Repair Kit

C7 Leafield Repair Kit

D7 Leafield Repair Kit

Leafield D7 Valve Repair Kit

A7 Recessed Leafield Valve

This valve can be found on Avon rafts.

Leafield A7 Recessed Valve

Boot for A7 Recessed Valve

Note: This boot is significantly different than the military boot.

Boot for A7 Recessed Valve

A6 Pressure Relief Valve

Can be put into just about any boat. 

Leafield A6 Pressure Relief Valve

Leafield / Military Valve Adapter

Leafield / Military Valve Adapter

C7 & D7 Leafield Valve Adapter

Leafield C7 & D7 Valve Adapter