Instructions: NRS Spare Oar Keeper

  • Standing outside the boat at the bow, take the strap with the ring attached and pass the loop between the frame and the boat. Take the other end with the O-ring and pass it through the loop. Cinch tight against the frame. Do the same at the stern with the strap and buckle assembly.
  • With the spare oar blade pointing to the stern of the boat, bring the strap under and then around the neck of the oar shaft where it joins the blade. Feed the loose end of the strap back through the strap slide. For oars with removable blades, once the strap is adjusted you can just remove the blade to place the buckle-end strap on the shaft.

    Note: For oars equipped with Carlisle Blades: The strap can be run through the slots on Carlisle blades and finished off by running the loose end back through the strap slide.

  • With the oar handle pointing to the bow, place the shaft through the O-ring 1-2 feet past the handle.
  • Make any necessary bow or stern Oar Keeper strap height adjustments to make the spare oar horizontal. Finish by sliding the strap slides down against the O-ring and the blade respectively.
  • Take the loose ends of the straps and double them back through the strap slides. This will lock your adjustments in place and prevent slippage.
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