NRS Universal Raft and Cataraft Frame

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    Cooler, Drybox and Cargo Floor not included.


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Product Details

You may have a cataraft today and a raft five years from today. With the NRS Universal frame, you can convert that initial cat frame to fulfill the needs of various styles of rafting. Save money, save weight, save space and score several frames for the price of one.
  • The frame includes 68" Standard Drop Rails and 66" or 72" crossbars. This combination allows you to position the frame to give the same distance between your cat tubes as you get with our 72" yoke frames.
  • The side rails are made in two sections (72" and 36" on the 108" rails, 72' and 48" on the 120" rails) using our Breakdown Side Rail Adapters. This makes shipping cheaper and flying a frame into remote areas feasible.
  • Removing the Drop Rails and using the 72" sections of the side rails, you can create Bighorn I, Compact Outfitter and Longhorn-type raft frames. Or with the right additional components, you can create a Fishing Frame.
  • The adjustable foot pegs on the Deluxe Foot Bar position your feet for superior bracing and control.
  • Hot-forged aluminum alloy LoPro™ Fittings are the heart of the NRS frame system, and allow complete adjustability for all frame parts.
  • NRS 8" Oar Mounts are also constructed with hot-forged aluminum alloy resulting in a lighter, sleeker and stronger Oar Mount, and a nylon insert reduces rowing friction.
  • Create your rower's seat bar for the padded Drain-Hole Seat by U-bolting the Universal Seat Mount to one of the cross bars. This allows you to precisely set the location of the seat and the seat angle.
  • Universal Frame comes with: two breakdown side rails, two 68" standard drop rails, six cross bars, Universal Seat Mount, deluxe foot bar, high-back drain-hole seat, 8" oar mounts, four 9' straps, eight strap slides


Product Tips

A mesh cargo floor will fit on the Drop Rails of the Universal Frame. The floor will be 2" higher than one on the lower rails of a yoke-style cat frame.

  • Universal Frames
Weight: 66" W is 82 lbs.
Material: Modular Anodized Aluminum Frame
Included Components:
  • 2 - Breakdown Side Rails
  • 2 - Standard Drop Rails
  • 1 - Deluxe Footbar
  • 6 - Cross Bars
  • 1 - Universal Seat Mount
  • 1 - High-back Drain Hole Seat
  • 1 - Pair of 8" Oar Mounts
  • 4 - NRS 9' Straps with Strap Slides (Suspend the cooler or drybox)
Suggested minimum amount of straps used to secure the frame. (Sold Separately): 4 (3' or 4' straps) when used on a raft

4 (3' straps), 4 (4' straps) and 8 (2' straps) when used on cataraft tubes

Product Instructions

  1. Lay out the frame parts as shown in the image above.
  2. Attach Universal Seat Mount to the center of one of the cross bars.
  3. Attach drop rails to the cross bars as show in picture above and install the U-bolts. Add nuts and washers leaving them loose.
  4. Attach the cross bars from step 2 to the upper side rails, offsetting the breakdown joints. Avoid attaching a cross member or oar mount next to one of the breakdown joints; this can compress the pipe and make the breakdown section difficult to remove.
  5. Set the additional cross bars and seat bar on the side rails and install the U-Bolts. Add the washers and nuts leaving them loose. Adjust the crossbars so that they fit against the cooler or dry box snugly. If any of the bars need to be re-positioned, it may be necessary to remove the U-bolts to make adjustments.
  6. Add the deluxe foot bar and oar mounts. Tighten all the nuts that you previously installed.
  7. Check to be sure that all of the U-bolts are tight. Periodically check the tightness of all nuts and bolts.