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Gear Aid Seal Cement


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Product Details

Don't let a tear in your wetsuit, sprayskirt or other piece of paddling gear stop the fun. Use McNett Seal Cement for quick waterproof repairs, then get right back on the water.
  • Cures strong and flexible in only 10 minutes, so it's great for in-field repairs.
  • Bonds to all types of neoprene gear -- wetsuits, gloves, booties, sprayskirts, waders and more.
  • Can also patch dry wear, latex gaskets and other water-sports gear.
  • Apply a coat to high wear areas to protect against abrasion.
  • Remains flexible and elastic when dry, so it won't restrict mobility.

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video: McNett Seal Cement Neoprene Contact Cement by M Essentials

McNett Seal Cement Neoprene Contact Cement by M Essentials (0:48)

Seal Cement is a neoprene contact cement by M Essentials. It is a contact adhesive that can be used to seal gaskets, replace drysuit seals and drysuit gaskets, repair a wetsuit tear, or even reinforce a wetsuit or drysuit seam that's unraveling. Seal Cement dries quickly so you can used it waterside for an immediate in field repair.

video: How To: Patch Neoprene

How To: Patch Neoprene (3:12)

Neoprene is used in many types of paddlesports gear -- wetsuits, booties, sprayskirts and wetsocks, to name a few. Since it's usually covered by fabric, it's pretty tough stuff, but wear and tear takes its toll. In this video, we show how to repair neoprene when it gets damaged. Don't throw that gear away; fix it!

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  • Dries elastic and flexible
  • Adheres to neoprene, latex, other rubber compounds and most fabrics
  • Store tightly sealed and upside down
  • Flammable

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