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Chaco Women's Z/1 Classic Sandals


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    Solid Tradewinds

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    Errorweave Navy

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  • Alternate product image 34031_01_kaleido_blush_right_120618

    Kaleido Blush

  • Alternate product image 34031_01_solidtradewinds_na_front_112019
  • Alternate product image 34031_01_solidtradewinds_na_side_112019
  • Alternate product image 34031_01_solidtradewinds_na_back_112019
  • Alternate product image 34031_01_solidtradewinds_na_top_112019
  • Alternate product image 34031_01_solidtradewinds_na_sole_112019
  • Alternate product image 34031_01_errorweavenavy_na_front_112019
  • Alternate product image 34031_01_errorweavenavy_na_side_112019
  • Alternate product image 34031_01_errorweavenavy_na_back_112019
  • Alternate product image 34031_01_errorweavenavy_na_top_112019
  • Alternate product image 34031_01_errorweavenavy_na_sole_112019
  • Alternate product image 34031_01_black_front_120618
  • Alternate product image 34031_01_black_side_120618
  • Alternate product image 34031_01_black_back_120618
  • Alternate product image 34031_01_black_top_120618
  • Alternate product image 34031_01_black_sole_120618
  • Alternate product image 34031_01_kaleido_blush_front_120618
  • Alternate product image 34031_01_kaleido_blush_side_120618
  • Alternate product image 34031_01_kaleido_blush_back_120618
  • Alternate product image 34031_01_kaleido_blush_top_120618
  • Alternate product image 34031_01_kaleido_blush_sole_120618
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Product Details

The Chaco Women's Z/1 Classic's original design is still "the" sandal for river guides and wilderness professionals. The LUVSEAT™ foot bed and pull-through strap system make this a top choice for outdoor adventurers.
  • A continuous length of soft 3/4 inch polyester webbing gives easy, unlimited adjustment allowing a perfect fit for every foot.
  • The women's specific LUVSEAT™ unique footbed is made with premium polyether polyurethane and shaped to cradle every bone and muscle in your foot.
  • Chaco's new ChacoGrip™ sole is super grippy and non-marking. The advanced 3 mm depth lug design helps evacuate water while providing more traction.
  • The open toe design allows easy use with socks and booties.
  • The midsole has an antimicrobial treatment to control odor.
  • These sandals are re-soleable. When you've worn out the tread, you haven't worn out the sandal.
  • Chaco sandals have the Seal of Acceptance of the American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting a high level of foot health.


Weight: 10.6 oz
Gender Sizing: Women
Upper Material: 3/4" Polyester webbing
Sole: Classic ChacoGrip™ rubber
Marking Sole: No
Closure Style: Adjustable buckle
Adjustment: Continuous pull through strap
  • LUVSEAT™ foot bed
  • 3 mm water-ready surface contact lugs
  • High friction and all purpose tread design
  • Anti-microbial treatment in midsole