Used SUPs

We Don’t Have Any Used Inflatable SUP Boards In Stock

NRS makes great inflatable SUP boards. Occasionally, we list used SUPs for sale on this page. Check back often because used stock goes fast.

Since we don’t currently have any used inflatable standup paddle boards in stock, take a look below at some of our new SUPs.

NEW Inflatable SUPs:


How to Evaluate Used Inflatable SUPs from a Third Party:

Here are some things to check out before buying a used SUP from an outside party.

  • The board should have a Hull Identification Number. Follow the links to find the manufacturer and date of manufacture.
  • If the owner doesn’t know the board’s history, and it’s an NRS board, you can check with us to see if it’s in our database.
  • Make sure it holds air. Inflatable SUP boards operate at pressures up to 20 psi. If at all possible, inflate the board up to the manufacturer’s maximum recommended pressure and spray it down with soapy water looking for leaks.
  • Look the board over for any peeled-up D-ring patches or the deck pad. Something like this isn’t necessarily a deal breaker; we can advise you on adhesives for regluing.
  • Check on the fin attachment points. Make sure they are intact and able to accept fins.
  • Manufacturers have used a wide variety of valves in these boards. Unfortunately, some of them don’t offer repair parts and valve adapters, so beware. We have a variety of high-quality valves with identifying descriptions.
  • We also carry a wide variety of SUP paddles, pumps and accessories to increase your enjoyment of the sport.
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