Frequently Asked Questions


  • What makes NRS frames so great?
    NRS frame features and accessories

  • What frame will fit my boat?
    See the frame size section on our Inflatable Boat Frame Sizing Guide.

  • Is a frame included with a cataraft purchase?
    No, frames are sold separately. Although, if you purchase your frame at the same time as your boat, you will receive 10% off the price of the frame (along with all other accessories in a boat order).

  • What is the best boat to use with a fishing frame?
    We recommend "|,|b2bURL="/product/1136/nrs-otter-130-self-bailing-rafts"|,|rescueURL="":} raft as our favorite fishing boat.  Although all NRS rafts and catarafts will accommodate a fishing frame,  please call us at 877.677.4327 for specific questions.

  • Do the cooler mounts work for multiple sized coolers?
    Yes, our cooler & drybox mounts are adjustable and have the capability to fit most chest coolers or dry boxes. 

  • Do you carry a motor mount for NRS rafts?
    We have two motor mounts to attach an outboard motor, a Raft Motor Mount and Cataraft Motor Mount. The Raft Motor Mount mount need to be attached to our Stern Side Rails, which then attach to a crossbar on your NRS Frame while the Cataraft Motor Mount attaches directly to the rear yoke.

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