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Cold-Water Layering

Base, insulating and outer layers allow you to add and remove pieces to match changing conditions, and help your body maintain a safe, comfortable temperature.

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How Neoprene Is Stitched

Learn about the various stitching methods on our neoprene products. Single-Needle Stitch, Flat-Lock, Blind-Stitch? Here we explain the differences.

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How to Choose Cold-Water Apparel for Paddling

Commonsense guidelines for choosing your cold water protection.

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How to Extend Your Boating Season

Moving from summer boating to cold-weather adventures requires new knowledge and preparation. Learn the tips to extend your boating season.

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Latex Gasket Sizing Chart

Get to know the specific measurements of NRS’s range of neck, wrisk, and dry sock latex gaskets and which sizes we use on our dry wear apparel.

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NRS Terraprene Neoprene

What is Terraprene and why does NRS use it? Sure, it's warmer and lighterthan traditional neoprene. But the big deal is that Terraprene leaves the oil behind.

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