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Basic Gear for Kayak Fishing Safety

NRS ambassador Isaac Miller discusses the equipment and apparel that can improve our level of comfort and kayak fishing safety.

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Cold-Water Layering

Base, insulating and outer layers allow you to add and remove pieces to match changing conditions, and help your body maintain a safe, comfortable temperature.

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How to Choose a Touring Paddle

Selecting the perfect sea kayaking or kayak touring paddle is an important decision; your paddle is your tool to transfer energy to the water.

How To Choose

How to Choose the Right Life Jacket

Learn about the types of life jackets most commonly worn by boaters so you can choose the right life jacket for your paddling needs.

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How to Choose the Right Life Jacket for Kayaking

The life jacket is your most important on-the-water safety tool. Choose one that fits well and will be comfortable enough to always wear.

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How to Dress for Kayaking

Ken Whiting shares how to dress for kayaking and covers the base layers, insulating layers and outerwear pieces you need to safely extend your paddling season.

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How to Fit an Adjustable Bungee Sprayskirt

This video gives tips on how fit an adjustable bungee sprayskirt for a snug fit, while still allowing the skirt to be removed safely in a wet exit.

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New US Coast Guard PFD Approval System

The USCG/Transport Canada Approval System approves PFDs & life jackets for use in U.S. and Canadian waters. Learn its differences from the older system.

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Werner Construction & Design

Learn how Werner designs and builds their kayak paddles. Swing weight, straight or bent shaft, dihedral? We explain so you can feel confident in your purchase.

How To Choose

Whitewater & Touring Kayak Paddle Sizing Guides

Find the whitewater paddle that is the best fit for you.

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