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Gear Storage Ideas

Putting your boating gear away until next weekend, or next year, there are steps you should take to protect your investment.

Maintenance & Repair

How to Install D-Rings and Footcups

NRS Repairs shows you the best ways to install D-rings and footcups and permanently glue them to Hypalon-, PVC- and urethane-coated materials

Maintenance & Repair, Skills & Tips

How to Repair an Oar or Paddle Blade

How to repair an oar or paddle blade using our G/Flex Epoxy Adhesive, providing a strong bond that's much more flexible than other epoxies

Maintenance & Repair

How to Repair Leafield C7 & D7 Valves

Replacing the plunger, spring and rubber seal is a snap on the Leafield C7 and D7 valves.

Maintenance & Repair

How To Set Up, Inflate, Deflate and Fold a STAR Kayak

Learn how to properly set up, inflate, deflate and fold your STAR Inflatable kayak with these helpful instructional videos and step-by-step instructions.

Maintenance & Repair

Inflatable Repair Adhesives Guide

This video helps you understand when to use such glues as Clifton Hypalon, Shore, Stabond, Clifton Urethane, Vynabond and G/flex Epoxy.

Maintenance & Repair

Instructions: Stabond Adhesive

Learn to patch tears or holes in your PVC rafts or catarafts. hypalon repair, punctured raft repair, and neoprene gasket repair.

Maintenance & Repair

Kayaking Fundamentals: Basic Kayak Maintenance

Kayaks are simple machines, but some basic kayak maintenance will make yours last longer. Ken Whiting gives some maintenance tips to take care of your kayak.

Maintenance & Repair

Quick Guide: G/flex Epoxy Adhesive

G/flex is an excellent boat repair material that makes a tough, waterproof repair. In this quick guide, learn which version will work best for your repairs.

Maintenance & Repair

Quick Guide: Temporary Field Boat Repairs

Learn how to make temporary boat repairs in the field by adding just a few pieces of equipment to your kit.

Maintenance & Repair

Summit Valve Identification

Identify the Difference between a Summit 1 and a Summit 2 Valve.

Maintenance & Repair

West System G/flex Epoxy Adhesive

G/flex Epoxy is a resilient two-part epoxy that gives a superior waterproof bond to plastics, metals, fiberglass and more. Add some to your repair kit.

Maintenance & Repair