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How Sun Protection Works

Details on how sunscreens work and how they are tested.

Skills & Tips

How to Fit a Life Jacket

In this video we show you how to fit a life jacket and tighten the straps to ensure it won't ride up when youre in the water.

Skills & Tips

How to Prevent Heat Loss with Paddling Layers

Understanding the mechanisms of heat loss, and gain, helps us plan strategies for regulating that loss so we stay safe and comfortable when out paddling.

Skills & Tips, Safety

How to Put on a Drysuit

We share a few tips for easily donning this most protective piece of cold-water boating apparel.

Skills & Tips

How to Remove a Knife from a PFD Lash Tab

Tips for safely removing a knife sheath from a life jacket (PFD) lash tab.

Skills & Tips

How to Stay Warmer with Proper Paddling Headwear

Learn how proper paddling insulating headwear will help you stay warmer and more comfortable when the weather and water take a turn for the colder.

Skills & Tips

How to Stretch a Latex Neck Gasket

Stretching a drytop or drysuit neck gasket that's too tight.

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Latex Gasket Sizing Chart

Get to know the specific measurements of NRS’s range of neck, wrisk, and dry sock latex gaskets and which sizes we use on our dry wear apparel.

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