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Backcountry Food Handling and Hygiene

Learn how to properly deal with food handling, hygiene, and cleanup while on backcountry or river trips.

Skills & Tips

Camping Tips

Learn to camp responsibly, protect vegetation and water quality and the camp's appearance. And don't forget to leave the site cleaner than you found it.

Skills & Tips

How Sun Protection Works

Details on how sunscreens work and how they are tested.

Skills & Tips

How to Roll a Strap for Storage

In this Quick Tips video, we show you how to roll your straps for tidy storage.

Skills & Tips

How to Seal an NRS Dry Bag

Your dry bag protects your stuff. Watch this video to learn how to properly close and seal it to provide maximum protection for your gear.

Skills & Tips

How to Set Up a River Wing

Setting up a river wing is easy once you know the proper techniques. In this video, we demonstrate how to securely set up the NRS River Wing using the included break-down poles, as well as by substituting oars for the poles.

Skills & Tips

How to Tie a Taut-Line Hitch Knot

There are some knots every boater should know how to tie, and the Taut-Line Hitch is one of them. Watch this video to learn how it's done.

Skills & Tips

How to Tie the Figure 8 Knot

Demonstrating the tying of the versatile Figure 8 Knot.

Skills & Tips

Leave No Trace, Please

NRS is partnering with Leave No Trace for the month of May. Donate today and well match your contribution.

Skills & Tips

Living With Kids on Boating Trips

Tips for making boating trips with kids enjoyable for all.

Skills & Tips

Nutrition: Fueling the Fires Within

Learn the nutrition and hydration dos and donts to help you stay warm and safe as the weather and water get cold.

Skills & Tips

The Camp Kitchen

Camp Kitchen Tips for food packaging and storage, water storage and sanitizing, camp sanitation, food preparation, fire management and waste disposal.

Skills & Tips

What’s in the Water

Excellent resource on microorganisms in backcountry drinking water.

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