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Winter Paddling at its Warmest

Team NRS kayaker Devon Barker-Hicks gives gear recommendations for staying warm while paddling in icy waters.

Trip Planning, Skills & Tips, Safety

USGS WaterAlert Service

Service gives email or text message alerts on river flows.

Trip Planning

The Fine Nine

Preparing yourself to prevent or recover from on-the-water emergencies.

Trip Planning, Safety

River & Rapid Difficulty Ratings

You will encounter two different class rating systems for rivers and their rapids. Learn how these systems differ and where they're most commonly used.

Trip Planning, Safety

Preparing for Cold-Season Boating

How to outfit yourself for cold water boating protection.

Trip Planning, Safety

Packing for International Paddling

Packing for an international boating adventure can be intimidating. World traveler Kyle "Smitty" Smith offers his expertise in figuring it out.

Trip Planning

Multiday Rafting Trips

Learn what you need to consider when preparing for rafting trip that takes you out overnight. Multiday trips in a raft or cataraft let you to travel in style!

Trip Planning

Kids and Nature

If you love the outdoors, river or water, you can help spread that passion to the younger generations with these tips about getting kids into nature.

Trip Planning

Kicking the Cooler Habit

Learn how Lacey Anderson can outfit a 10-person group for an eight-day trip that doesn't require refrigeration or costly coolers.

Trip Planning

How to Boat and Camp with Perishable Foods

Learn how to boat and camp with perishable foods, an excerpt from the book Camp Cooking: Eating Well in the Wild.

Trip Planning

Gear Checklists

A collection of downloadable checklists for camping, rafting, kayaking, and more to help you organize your trip.

Trip Planning

Gear Checklist Rafting Trip Gear

Rafting and boat gear: a checklist of boating equipment prepared by Tobias Schunck for a June Grand Canyon trip.

Trip Planning

Gear Checklist Rafting Apparel

What rafting apparel should you pack? Behold! A printable equipment and gear checklist. Download and customize now.

Trip Planning

Gear Checklist Personal Camping Necessities

What personal camping necessities should you pack for a rafting or kayak trip? This handy equipement checklist will help you bring the gear you need.

Trip Planning

Gear Checklist Kitchen

Never forget critical camp kitchen gear again with this customizable and downloadable gear checklist. Eat well on the water!

Trip Planning

Gear Checklist Inflatable Boats

A printable gear checklist for trips involving inflatables and inflatable boats, including rafts, catarafts, and inflatable kayaks.

Trip Planning

Gear Checklist Fishing Gear

Download and customize this checklist of kayak fishing gear to make sure you get to the put-in with all the kit you need.

Trip Planning

Gear Checklist Camping Gear

A printable camping gear checklist for rafting or river trips. Customize and download your own camp gear list.

Trip Planning

Boating Safety for Infants & Small Children

Learn about boating safety for infants and small children. When is it safe to take your kids out on the river, and what should you bring to ensure safety?

Trip Planning, Safety